Taking into account the individual needs of the owner is the key success factor in the successful design and implemen­tation of succession. Besides the realization of adequate sales prices, it is often about handing-over a life’s work in responsible hands.

STU supports the succession process as a trusted advisor for buyers or business owners. We analyze the situation of the company and develop a roadmap for the desired succession. Furthermore, we determine the company’s value and implement measures to increase the value. Then we control the handover process from finding a suitable successor to the realization of the corporate transaction.

In particular, we provide the following services:
  • Assessment of the company’s situation
  • Development of a succession roadmap
  • Valuation of the company
  • Development of value-enhancing measures
  • Search for suitable successors / buyers
  • Arranging financing solutions
  • Moderation / management of the entire process

In all phases of the succession process, we are able to provide appropriate specialists (accountants, tax consultants, lawyers, etc.) from our network to answer specific questions.

If the successor is not to directly, we assist in the elaboration of contingency plans to keep the business running. Should an acute gap in corporate governance occur due to a special situation, we are able to take over the die management role for the required period of time until a suitable successor is found.