For many companies, a profound operational and financial restructuring is the only way for a prosperous future. In distressed situations, there is often high pressure to act. The STU Management Partners hereby adopt a pragmatic and results-oriented approach. We work in in close co-operation with the management team regarding cash-flow, setting priorities, conduct a quick positioning of the company (Quick Check) and develope a sustainable restructuring plan.

The restructuring plan follows the industry standard of public auditors on the preparation of restructuring reports, the IDW S 6 nF. Should the stakeholders demand a restructuring report in clear accordance with IDW S 6 nF, we will conduct an examination by renowned public auditors.

We also support the communication with all involved stakeholders and mediate, if necessary. As experienced restructuring experts, we drive the implementation of the restructuring process in close collaboration, but with a focus on speed and results.