News: Stefan Ulrich elected as common representative for bond holders


News: MS ‘Deutschland’ Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH:

In the second meeting of the bondholders of MS Deutschland Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH it was essential, inter alia, to elect a common representative for the bondholders.

Nominated for election were: STU Management Partners GmbH, represented by its managing partner Stefan Ulrich as well as Lawyer Klaus Nieding from Nieding + Barth Rechtsanwaltsaktiengesellschaft.

With a majority of 56 percent, STU Management Partners, represented by Stefan Ulrich has been elected.

All of the above bondholders are requested to register with the STU Management Partners GmbH.

Please sign in here:

stating the name of the bondholder, your mailing address, email address and the nominal amount.

An individual registration to the insolvency table by each bondholder is not required. The claims will be filed by the STU Management Partners GmbH for all bondholders.

Information is published here:

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