For a large number of German companies, the key to a stable competitive position and sustainable profitability is generating further growth, mainly internationally. In addition to the market entry abroad through exports, direct investments play an increasingly important role.

The internationalization of mid caps is often characterized by a pressure to act: companies see their local sales opportunities restricted, want a fast pay-off for the innovation efforts for niche products by further growth abroad or are urged by major customers for internationalization.

However, foreign involvement is not a fast-selling item (see German publication). Companies are significantly impacted in the initial phase and have to manage a variety of new risks.

The team of STU Management Partners has extensive experience in the development of enterprises at home and abroad. We support companies to develope, prepare and successfully implement international growth programs. Where necessary, we also provide the management capacity for the required period and involve experts from our international network for specific topics.

The goal of our commitment is the timely achievement of growth targets while maintaining planned productivity and performance of the profitability targets.